What to Expect AT Church

What to Expect AT Church


Your experience begins with a greeting by our friendly ushers and greeters, a bulletin will be provided with our order of worship, and announcements. You are welcome to find a seat anywhere in the main sanctuary or up in the balcony.


Communion is served weekly at our 8:00 AM service and on the First Sunday of the month at the 9:30 AM service. In the Methodist Church our communion is open to all.

Sunday School

Sunday School is available to any school aged child. Students will start service in the Sanctuary with their parents. After the children’s message, they will be adjourn to the Sunday School classrooms. (approximately 20 mins). Parents can pick up their children from their classroom in the Education Building. Students will not released until parents arrive from worship.

Nursery Care

We have a well-equipped nursery, complete with toys and and a big rocking chair. for soothing little ones whose parents are worshiping in the sanctuary. Our nursery has a certified child care provider.

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